How Sanu Works

Sanu is is a composite digital currency. It is made up of the combination of Sanu Gold (Sanu-GLD) and Sanu Silver (Sanu-SLV).

Sanu Gold (Sanu-GLD) and Sanu Silver (Sanu-SLV) are tokenized versions of gold and silver, that represent physical gold and silver respectively. Token holders own physical gold or silver in secure vaults with the convenience of a digital wallet.

The Sanu can be viewed as a leveraged token of Sanu-GLD and/or Sanu- SLV. Sanu can be viewed similarly to cash tokens but with the backing of gold and silver prices.

Sanu Gold

Each Sanu-GLD token represents 20 grams of physical fine gold. Presently, world gold prices are based on the daily LBMA gold price. This allows the value of Sanu-GLD to have a minimum benchmark with the real-time market price of gold.

Sanu Silver

Each Sanu-SLV token represents 50 grams of physical fine silver based on the discovered price from the physical silver market. As of April 30th, 2020, the discovered price of physical silver ranged from 60-80% higher than the LBMA market price of silver.


is a true African currency. At launch, it will be accessible to people across Africa to purchase and invest in. It can be purchased using the Nigerian Naira, South African Rand, Rwandan Franc and all West African countries using the CFA franc. All other countries can purchase Sanu using Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT.

Features of Sanu

  • Digital platform for buying & selling physical gold and silver.

  • Digital currency for owning gold and silver.

  • Instant Miner & Supplier settlements in local African currencies.

  • Is easy to convert, trade, and transfer globally.

  • Access to details of your holdings to token allocations at any given time.

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