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Total value of SANU Holdings


Sanu Gold reserve value


Sanu Silver reserve value


Value of reserves on last public audit. Prices based on September 16th, 2020 Gold and Silver prices



Safely stored in a secure location in West Africa. Reserves are not limited to amounts disclosed and audited. They can scale up accordingly as required. We are committed to always having enough liquidity to buy/sell considerable volumes of assets on short notice of receipt of orders.

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Sanu Gold

16.6 kg Gold:  $1,054,000 

  • Gold Assets under Management (in vault): 1,467.19 grams**

  • Gold Assets under Management (supply): 250kg*


Sanu Silver

1,111 kg Silver: $ 978,210

  • Silver Assets under Management (in vault): 1,726.4 grams**

  • Silver Assets under Management (supply): 500kg*

*present supply per month. Available for allocation immediately. Not available for physical collection or client resale for 3-4 weeks
**99.99% refined being retailed. Available for allocation immediately and for physical collection within 48hrs

What you get




of gold is equal to 1 Sanu Gold





of gold is equal to 1 Sanu Silver


Audit process

We presently carry out weekly self audits. We are in the process of engaging with independent international vault managers to audit and manage our vault.

Custodianship & Storage

With a 6-month custodianship commitment, we will vault a clients assets with no storage fees. Throughout this duration, client will have access to view and verify their physical holdings with a 48hr notice.
Storage options are available for clients in a discrete and secure safety deposit facility at the storage facility of our partner company at considerable fees.

Physical Collection

Products available for physical collection are LBMA, bars, medallions, and savings products. The physical collection of LBMA products is presently only available from our custodian bank in Lagos, Abuja & Kano, Nigeria. Other product collections are available in retail locations in Lagos & Kano, Nigeria. International locations coming soon.

Gold alloys, wire & sheets are only available for goldsmiths & jeweler club members. 

More details on the goldsmiths & jeweler club membership coming soon.

Classification & Disclaimer: Sanu is a store of value in gold or silver

as a physical commodity and product. 

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