What is Sanu?


In many countries across West Africa, Sanu means Gold in the native languages. The Bambara language spoken in Mali is an example of this, so is the Madinka language spoken in Guinea, Guinea Bissau and The Gambia. In Burkina Faso & Côte D’Ivoire the word  Sanu also means gold in the Dioula language. The word Sanu has a long history with the people of West Africa and it is from this history that this currency draws its name.

What it is

Sanu Gold (Sanu-GLD) and Sanu Silver (Sanu-SLV) are tokenized versions of gold and silver that represent physical gold and silver, respectively. Token holders own physical gold or silver in secure vaults with the convenience of a digital wallet. Sanu is built as an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token issued by Kian Smith Trade & Co, guaranteeing transferability across wallets, exchanges and platforms that use the Ethereum blockchain. All transactions operate according to the regulations of the smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain.


Kian Smith

Kian Smith Trade & Co. Limited is a Nigerian company registered in 2011 that is involved in Mining, Minerals Processing & Trading

Coming Soon

The Sanu mobile app creates the ability for anyone to have access to and buy Gold and Silver. It will be the best way to invest in precious metals in the modern age.




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